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Empowering People Through Social Action

Saturday, October 19th 2024


We recognize that collective well-being often takes a backseat in our individual-centric world. We envision a society where yoga and mindfulness reach beyond the walls of tranquil studios to hospitals, homeless shelters and jails.

Our mission? To empower caregivers and the cared-for alike.


Why Attend?


Redefine Your Purpose

Witness the broader impact of yoga and mindfulness, understanding that traditional learning often remains confined to yoga studios.


Turn Passion into Action

Equip yourself to drive change. This conference provides tools to introduce yoga and mindfulness practices across diverse community settings.


Expand Your Outreach

Discover your vital role in transforming lives through education, advocating for underserved communities, and actively sharing impactful tools.

Our Mission

At Warrior Flow School, our beliefs translate to actions. Founder Adrian Molina has launched community outreach and engagement programs since 2017, working in schools, police stations, prisons, and more.

As a crisis counselor, peer support, yoga teacher, and mindfulness facilitator with a focus on trauma and PTSD, he has worked with populations affected by various traumas.

We believe there's much more to achieve once the strong grip on these teachings lessens, freely sharing them through events like this one.

Join us in ensuring these perspectives and practices reach not only those in need but also those who feel the responsibility to make our world a better place.

Why This Conference Stands Out


Mission-Oriented Learning

It's not about the next yoga pose or the latest mental health technique for individual healing. It's about creating tangible societal change and assuming responsibility for the crucial role of yoga, mindfulness, and body-mind practices in healing our communities. Addressing systemic inequalities, trauma, and PTSD head-on, join us in democratizing the field of community outreach and engagement. Become an advocate, an ally, and a voice for change.


Beyond Traditional Boundaries

Yoga and meditation extend beyond studios, and mental health practices shouldn't be confined to the privileged few who can afford expensive therapists. Our summit tackles the demands of our times by showcasing the potential of communal efforts in fostering public health and healing.


Diverse Perspectives

Our panel goes beyond yoga experts to encompass conversations at the crossroads of yoga, mindfulness, body-mind practices, and mental health. Discover how these practices are crucial for our first and second responders. Join the silent workers making a difference in their communities—whether you're a mental health therapist, yoga or meditation teacher, or a social responsibility advocate. Learn new approaches, ingenious ways to enter systems, and create change from the inside.


Uncover the ways in which yoga and mindfulness can uplift communities grappling with trauma, injustice, and socio-economic disparities.

Meet your host and guests

Adrian Molina

Adrian Molina is a highly respected yoga teacher, meditation teacher, reiki practitioner, community organizer, end of life doula, hospice volunteer, speaker, writer, massage therapist, and crisis counselor based in Miami Beach, Florida.

He has devoted his life to creating connections between people and promoting the practice of yoga as a way to foster community and social change.

Aubrey Lawrence

Aubrey Lawrence

Yoga Facilitator and Educator
Cara Lea Suttie

Cara-Lea Suttie

Body Peace Facilitator
Cynthia Rivera

Cynthia Rivera

Infectious Disease Specialist, M.D.
Dianne Bondy

Dianne Bondy

Equity Advocate
Erica Krider

Erica Krider

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Volunteer
Jacoby Ballard

Jacoby Ballard

Social Justice Educator
Majet Reyes

Majet Reyes

Trauma Therapist
Rodrigo Souza

Rodrigo Souza

Adaptive Yoga Facilitator
Sam Schaefer

Sam Schaefer

Amputee Advocate
Speyder Webb

Speyder Webb

TransSOCIAL Representative
Sunny Barbee

Sunny Barbee

Chair Yoga Facilitator
Yari Sequeira

Yariela Sequeira

Mental Health Counselor

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Saturday, October 19th 2024

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